Chapter 3  2011 NEC changes
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1. Cables, Raceways, or Boxes Installed in or Under Roof Decking. A cable,
raceway, or box, installed in exposed or concealed locations under metal-corrugated
sheet roof decking, shall be installed and supported so there is not less than_____ 

2. A listed expansion/deflection fitting or other
approved means shall be used where a raceway crosses a structural joint
intended for expansion, contraction or deflection, used in _______________

3. Type MI Cable shall be permitted under a building without
installation in a raceway where embedded in concrete

4. Non–Fire-Rated Assemblies. Wiring located within the cavity of a non–fire-rated
floor–ceiling or roof–ceiling assembly shall not be secured to, or supported by, the
ceiling assembly, including the ceiling support wires.

5. 310.15(B): Added new second paragraph to permit the ampacity adjustment and
correction factors to be applied at the conductor temperature ratings as long
as the resulting ampacity does not exceed the termination temperature rating.

6. Circular Raceway Exposed to sunlight on Rooftops that is installed at 6 inches above the roof must have a Ambient Temperature adjustment of___ according to table 310.15 B 3 c

7. Splices and taps can be in the enclosure also as long it’s not more than ____% of the fill space

8. Power Distribution Blocks. Power distribution blocks shall be permitted in
pull and junction boxes over __________ sq. in

9. Type MV cable shall be installed, terminated, and tested by qualified persons.

10. Where structural member do not permit fastening within 3 ft. of a Outlet Box or cabinet , fastening distance can increase to ___ ft.

11. Cable trays containing conductors rated over 600 volts shall have a permanent, legible warning notice carrying the wording ___________________




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12 in.
6 in.
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40 F
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100 sq in
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3 ft.
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4 ft.
6 ft.
Danger High Voltage
Danger- High Voltage- Keep away
High Voltage
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