Chapter 2  2011 NEC changes
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1.  200.4 Neutral conductors shall not be used for more than one branch circuit, for more than one multiwire branch circuit, or for more than one set of ungrounded feeder conductors unless ___________________

2.  The following shall be used only for the grounded circuit conductor size # 4 and larger.

3. The ground-fault circuit-interrupter receptacle shall be installed in a ______________________________. 

4.  125-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles installed in Locker rooms with associated showering facilities shall have ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel.

5.  For receptacles located in patient bed locations of general care or critical care areas of health care facilities GFCI protection___________________ required. 210.8 5 Ex. To 5

6. Garages, service bays, and similar areas where electrical diagnostic equipment, electrical hand tools, or portable lighting equipment are to be used shall have ground-fault circuit-interruperter .

7.  Shall be permitted to install an outlet branch-circuit type AFCI receptacle at the first outlet to provide protection for the remaining portion of the branch circuit if______________________________________

8. Where branch-circuit wiring is modified, replaced, or extended, the branch circuit shall be protected by one of the following:  

9. Article 210.52 now allows receptacle to be mounted face up in the counter tops of Kitchens. 

.10.  Article 210.52 exception does not require a GFCI on balconies that are 20 sq. ft. or less

11.  At least one receptacle outlet, in addition to those for specific equipment, shall be installed in each 

12. Foyers that are not part of a hallway that have an area that is greater than 60 sq. ft shall have a receptacles located in each wall space ___ ft. or more in width.

13. Overhead spans of open conductors and open multiconductor cables of not over 600 volts, nominal, shall have a clearance of not less than ______ over railroad tracks.

14. Where a raceway enters a building or structure from an underground distribution system, it shall be sealed to prevent hazardous gases or vapors and moisture that may come in contact live parts.

15. Where a branch circuit or feeder originates in additional buildings or other structures, only one feeder or branch circuit shall be permitted to supply power back to the original building or structure.

16. Conductors shall have a vertical clearance of not less than 8 ft above the roof surface unless

17.  230.42 Ex.: Added new exception permitting grounded conductors to be sized at 100% of the continuous and noncontinuous load.  

18. Cable tray systems shall be permitted to support service-entrance conductors. Cable trays used to support service-entrance conductors shall________________________________________________


19. For line-to-line loads in 4-wire, 3-phase systems individual single-pole circuit breakers rated 120/240 volts ac with identified handle ties shall be permitted as the protection for each ungrounded conductor.

20. In dwelling units, dormitories, and guest rooms or guest suites, overcurrent devices, other than supplementary overcurrent protection, ________be located in bathrooms.  

21.   Where a circuit breaker is utilized without an instantaneous trip, one of the following or approved equivalent means shall __________be provided:  

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shall not
Zone-selective interlocking
Differential relaying
Energy-reducing maintenance switching with local status indicator
all of these
be identified with permanently affixed labels with the wording Service-Entrance Conductors.
Have a fixed barrier only
SE cables only
any cables that are rated for cable tray.
Shall not be
shall be
The AHJ give writing permission
Specifically permitted elsewhere in the NEC Code
Writing permission of the engineer
Really cannot be done at all
Conductor with continuous white or gray covering
a marking of the white or gray color at the termination
conductor with three continuous white stripes
all of these
place behind a washing machine
place behind a freezer
accessible location
readily accessible location
Type AC cables and metal outlet box and junction boxes are installed to the first outlet
Type MC cables and metal outlet box and junction boxes are installed to the first outlet
a. only
both a and b
AFCI located at the first receptacle outlet of the existing branch circuit
a listed combination-type AFCI located at the origin of the branch circuit
none of the above , must be in metallic conduit
both a and b
each attached or detached garage
accessory building with electrical power
all of these
4 ft.
2 ft.
3 ft.
1 ft.
12 ft.
18 ft.
20 ft.
24.5 ft.
where the roof is guarded or isolated
Where the voltage between conductors does not exceed 300 and the roof has a slope of 4 in. and 12 in. or greater.
3 ft from the edge of the roof shall not apply to the final conductor span where the service drop is attached
​ all of these