Chapter 1 2011 Changes

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1. 100. The ampacity of a conductor is the maximum current in amperes that a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its temperature rating.  

2. A Bathroom is an area with a basin and a bidet.  

3. The Intersystem Bonding Termination connection point is for the following.

4. A systems that have no direct connection from circuit conductors of one system to circuit conductors of another system, other than connections through the earth, metal enclosures, metallic raceways, or equipment grounding conductors 

5. A system Bonding Jumper is located at the ________________________

6. A device intended to provide limited overcurrent protection for specific applications and utilization equipment such as luminaires and appliances.

7. Service Conductors, Underground. The underground conductors between the service point and the first point of connection to the service-entrance conductors in a terminal box, meter, or other enclosure, inside or outside the building wall.  

8. The service conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and a point usually outside the building, clear of building walls, where joined by tap or splice to the service drop or overhead service conductors.  

9. A new section has been added to require service equipment in dwelling units to be marked with the maximum available fault current.  

10.  110.24 Service equipment in other than dwelling units shall be legibly marked in the field with the maximum available fault current. Including the date the fault current calculation was performed.

11.110.26 Equipment can extend into the work space about electrical equipment _____ inches.

12. Exception to 110.26 A other than existing Dwelling unit applies only to ________________________ .

13. Illumination about working space of Electrical equipment shall __________________________.


14. The following shall be marked with an enclosure-type number as shown in Table 110.28.  

15. The walls and roof of a electrical vault is required or specified for conductors and equipment operating at over 600 volts shall be constructed of materials that have adequate structural strength for the conditions, with a minimum fire rating of_________. 

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All of these
Electrical Services
Feeder Panel
Separately Derived System
Services Entrance
Panel on the load side of a transformer
At the Main Serces Panel
Point of entry
Breaker or Fuse
Overcurrent Protective Device, Supplementary
None of these
Service-Entrance Conductors, Overhead System
​Overcurrent Protective Device, Supplementary
Separately Derived System.
System Bonding jumper
12 in.
​6 in.
36 in.
24 in.
Meter socket boxes
Meter installed
Be Controlled by automatic means
​Not be controlled by automatic means only
always be on
none of these
fire pump controllers
fire pump motors
Motor controllers
all of these
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours
3 hours